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Romanza Jewelry - meaning / Word Origin 

Word Origin and Etymology of romanza from Italian. Examples from the Web for romanza,  Italian, from Spanish romance. The " romanza " is now at an end, and certainly "Boldness, Spirit, and Power" have worked in a union.

About Us

Romanza Jewelry is a unique personalized Jewelry store that champions independent designs and brings a sophisticated twist to classic bling.
Our love for jewelry led us to create our own range that sits snugly alongside a curated selection of European accessories, all designed to be cherished and admired.
We believe in the joy of giving and receiving items you can love for more than one season.
Step into our online store to discover new and exciting designs that challenge convention

Our Promise to you 

From product quality and sustainable packaging to impeccable customer service, we take pride in doing business right. Our core belief is, that customers are more important than profit. That concept guides everything we do. 

 Silke Brawley - Owner, Designer, Creator and Founder - Romanza Jewelry
✿ From the time I was a child (born and raised in Germany), making jewelry was something I enjoyed, more than playing with dolls. I was mesmerized by all the treasures and trinkets in my mother’s jewelry box. Soon I snuck out a couple of tools from my dad’s tool box and started making earrings and necklaces for my mom.
As an adult (now living in the USA)  I saw a television show who introduced a new technique for silver making. I was very excited and immediately began combining a series of different materials to make a unique jewelry design. I spent years acquiring my skills as a jewelry artisan and am proud to offer my custom treasures to you.
At Romanza Jewelry you will find designer jewelry treasures that will make an exceptional gift for your friend(s) or loved one(s) and will add luminosity to your day.
 If you don’t see an item you like, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am delighted to create an impossible jewelry dream for you  ツ


 My beautiful  Home - Germany

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